Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 9 - La Wis Wis to Randle

This was supposed to be our only rest day but we opt to book some miles as there is not much to do in camp (you may know that Jerry is a tad hyper). But since we are in no real hurry, we have the luxury of our 1st morning camp fire. We take a steep but unloaded 1/2 mile climb out of the campground and then to the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center in Mt. Rainer NP. Since Paradise has low visibility there is no point trying to hitch a ride up there (it is, after all, about 25 miles and 2,500 ft of climbing!) so we head back to camp and some PB&J's made with Dave's Killer Bread from Carrie's delivery.
We leave camp and make the 1/2 mile climb again, this time fully loaded. so we have ended up with 12 additional miles w/ the trip to the park. It's mostly downhill but with a strong headwind where we resupply from "Liquor Store Larry" who gives us a tiny funnel which he says he gives to "touristas for pasties". Next up is 15 more miles into a brutal headwind to Randle where we opt to stay in a pretty run-down hotel for $40 over the crappy campground for $15. The owner is an EMT who is out on a call and his wife works at the restaurant where we end up having dinner. We dub the owner Frank the Philosopher as he imparts these word of wisdom to us: " Some men have balls, others have Harleys"! Dick is feeling much better and has multiple beers.

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