Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 8 - Windy Point to La Wis Wis campground

Dick gets a head start this morning and we start a gentle climb towards White Pass. Jerry and I stop at a nice roadside cafe before the climb in Rimrock and get a great fresh-made breakfast sandwich (do you detect a theme?). It's a 7 mile climb to the top with good news, bad news: bad news is that the road is under construction with rough, grooved pavement, good news is that it limits the traffic to short spurts following the pilot truck and they give us wide berth. We make the top and find the Kountry Kitchen store and as we talk to the clerk, Carrie, about our provisioning options, she says she'll be happy to deliver our groceries and beer to our campground when she gets off work at 6 as it's right on her way home. Sweet!
On the way down we get our first Dick sighting at a viewpoint with a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier. Dick was forced to ride a bit in one of the pilot trucks, something Jerry and I somehow avoided. Dick manges to dump his bike in the soft gravel on the way out of the viewpoint and a pannier comes off. Unfortunately, it decides to come off again on the downhill, but it is easily recovered and re-attached. More construction and we have a 30 minute delay at one point but then a brisk 7 mile downhill to  another beautiful Forest Service campground right on the river. Carrie shows up as scheduled with groceries and beer and we are in biker heaven.

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